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Giving a Shift – The Wonderful World of Volunteering

The older you get, the more you start to understand that the world’s problems are your own problems, and not just issues for politicians from distant lands to sort out. You also come to realise how unfair it is that where you happen to be born can be the difference between a comfortable life, where your biggest worry might be whether to get the brown or the black rattan garden furniture set; or a life where every day is a basic fight for survival, with no access to clean water, suffering brutal attacks in violent conflicts and watching your family …

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Best of the Black Friday Deals

Here is our pick of the best Black Friday deals on offer. Some last the weekend, but hurry – as many last only the day. Nutribullet and Kitchenware Ideal World TV – Nutribullet for just £69.99, plus an extra £5 off voucher code valid today only. Ryman – Salter Nutri Pro 1000 for just £49.99, plus an extra 20% off voucher code valid today only. Gorgeous Homeware Gifts The White Company – Enjoy a huge 20% off full priced items with this Cyber Weekend discount code from The White Company – plus free delivery. Jewellery Gemondo Jewellery – 15% off …

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Honey in Face Masks
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Homemade Face Masks – A Few Simple Recipes

On top of the money and time we spend on our beauty regimen every single day, there are also those designated weekends when we go full out on the beautifying procedures with masks, treatments and so on. Those weekends, however, have a couple of significant downsides – spending even more money on beauty products and treating your face to a chemical concoction that could cause allergic reactions, irritation, etc. Why not save yourself the cons and go only for the pros by simply making the masks yourself!?

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Should I Go for a Designer Handbag or Not?

Whilst strolling the glamorous shopping streets of Shanghai, passing the enormous, over-sized versions of Louis Vuitton, Prada and Chanel amongst others, I was approached by a succession of eager Shanghainese, keen to take me down a back alley so that they could show me their perfect replicas. I was warned about this before I set off, but was not quite prepared for the contrast between the back street slums, in which the industry of replica handbags thrived, and the colossal designer outlets in which the genuine articles were housed.

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Achieving Shampoo Advert Hair

There are so many people, both men and women, that desire luxurious hair. Modern day pollutants and chemicals all too easily cling to our hair daily, plus with the effects of over styling, over washing and usage of products that are bad for our hair, we find it hard to achieve those shampoo advert locks. It’s not that it is impossible; it’s just that it takes a little bit of care and a little know how to achieve healthy hair. Here are some of the things to consider when starting your new hair regime.

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