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The Latest Travel Deals for your Next Holiday

Regular breaks are key to keeping us feeling refreshed, revitalised and well enough to deal with our busy lives and daily demands. There are immense benefits from going away and spending quality time with loved ones every few months, both for our relationships and for our own health and well being. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could afford weekend breaks that frequently though?

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Health and Beauty

The Benefits of Going Bare Faced

Different types of beauty products have been used for millennia. Most women have never settled for their natural look and have always looked for ways to improve it. While we use moisturisers, exfoliants, serums, and so on at night, the days are reserved for powders, foundations, blush, mascara, etc. – the makeup mask, literally. Even though the cosmetics industry has evolved greatly over the years, makeup is still a thing we would be better without.

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