Here at Love My Vouchers, we are passionate about helping you to save money, but we’re also passionate about making the effort to look after our environment. When we can combine the two, we’re in our element. Here are a few money saving ideas and stores that provide ethical, sustainable, organic and fair trade solutions.

Home and Garden

There are many things you can do to save money and the environment in the home. One is to upgrade your appliances. Whilst this sounds like it is expensive, upgrading to more economical appliances can in the long run be an effective way of cutting your energy costs. Here are some stores with regular discounts that can help you save on your appliances:

Boots Kitchen Appliances – for great savings on kitchen appliances from top brands,  including Bosch, Cannon, Indesit, Smeg and Zanussi. All purchases attract 4 Boots Advantage Card points per £1 spent.

TheKitchenApplianceStore –  for the latest innovations in kitchen appliance technology, which helps make their top branded products more energy efficient. They also feature regular voucher codes.

Health and Beauty

Switching to an organic lifestyle can be a healthy option and need not be as expensive as you would have though. Here is the pick of the best organic health and beauty stores that won’t make a huge dent in your budget.

Green People – Green People are a Love My Vouchers favourite. They offer natural, home made skin care products, free from harsh chemicals. Not only are their product ingredients ethically sourced, but they are also not tested on animals, and they donate 10% of their net profit to green or environmentally friendly charitable causes. They offer regular voucher codes and special offers on their products, plus you can also accumulate ‘green points’ which you can spend on their products.

Big Green Smile – Another LMV favourite. Not only to they stock organic cosmetics for the eco-conscious customer, but also cleaning, laundry, utility, and other products for a natural life.

Fashion – This fashion store source their clothing and accessories in line with a set of high ethical standards. They then clearly label their products with symbols that illustrate the values that have been met in the production of that product, whether fair trade, sustainable, carbon offset, organic, recycled or supporting wildlife and communities. This allows you to stay in style, but not to compromise your own values in doing so. They also offer regular discount codes and savings, so these designer items can be yours at a fraction of the retail price.


There are many other ways to save money and support your environment and community in doing so. I would love to hear your suggestions.

Image source – Green Cash by MoneyBlogNewz, on Flickr