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The differences between men and women on Valentine's Day

The Differences Between Men and Women on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s day everyone. Take a look at our infographic below. Does it seem familiar? Of course, this scenario is a bit of an over generalisation, but it is just for fun. If you are not a fan of Valentine’s day, you can always celebrate St Trifon’s day instead… the Bulgarian national holiday in honour of the patron saint of wine! He was actually Trifon the Pruner, refering to the pruning of the vines before the grapes harvest. The poor chap was tortured and beheaded, but that aside, the celebration of his day essentially involves drinking wine, so we can’t …

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Pond plants
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Adding a Pond to Your Garden

If you are considering adding a water feature, or pond to your garden, to make it more attractive this summer, then there are some important considerations that you shold be aware of before you even start. Ponds can look beautiful, but they can also be high maintenance. If you don’t have the time to invest, then it is a non starter. That said, it depends on how ambitious your pond is. If you just want a small water feature with a few plants, this should not be too difficult to achieve. If, however, your main goal is to attract wildlife, …

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