Shabby chic style is a great option for home decorating, especially if you’re on a budget. This style is feminine, charming, soft, and comfortable. It is ideal for bedrooms, but works well in any room of the house including living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. To decorate using a shabby chic style on the cheap, check out these easy tips.


It’s easy to furnish your room in a shabby chic style when you’re on a budget. There is no need to run out to an expensive furniture store and buy brand new pieces. In fact, the look will be much more authentic if you check out some local thrift stores or garage sales. With wooden or metal furniture, what’s most important to look for is the shape and condition of the furniture itself. Try not to get hung up on the finish or the colour. That can easily be changed. With upholstered items and cosy sofas, get something comfortable and clean. You can always toss a slip cover over it.


The shabby chic palette is all about soft pastel colors and soothing neutrals. It’s very feminine think light pinks, sea green, cool blues and crisp white. Paint the walls a soft color and if you need to, give your “new” furniture a few coats as well. To keep your furniture from looking too new, run over the edges with some sandpaper or give it a nice patina with some light stain. You want your furniture to look well-loved, rather than well-worn.


Adding texture to your décor will give your room depth and make it seem like a well thought out space. Because shabby chic is a feminine style, look for soft, supple fabrics that make you feel at ease. Soft chenille and clean cotton works well. Texture can also come from the materials you use in the room. Avoid heavy metals and bulky wood. Opt for more delicate items made of wicker, glass, or wire.


Accessories in a shabby chic home can be just about anything! Favourite accessories include mirrors, floral arrangements and vintage elements. You could also hang dreamy landscapes or start a collection of silver figurines. It’s best to find accessories for this type of room over time. Don’t run out any purchase all new things. Search around for a while in different places. Try old bookstores, flea markets, and garage sales and pick up anything you find that’s inspiring.


Lighting is an important aspect in any room regardless of the decorating theme. A shabby chic room however, it always light and bright! Shabby chic rooms typically have a few different sources of light that can be mixed and matched to suit your mood or work. Try an antique overhead light from a second-hand store and a mix of candles around the room.

Shabby chic style is so easy to develop when you’re on a budget! Just keep in mind that with this style, second-hand is much better than new, and there is nothing a good coat of paint can’t do!

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