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Unsuspected Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

Having a fresh cup of coffee in the morning (and a few after that) is all well and good, but you are always left with a scoop of used coffee grounds, which are greasy and hard to get rid of. But did you know that used coffee grounds have a wide range of viable uses? Here are just a few: Get Rid of Bad Smells Whether you want to make your fridge smell fresh and clean again, or you have spent the entire day in the kitchen and your hands have the smell to show for it, you can quickly …

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Itinerary for a Romantic Break in Paris

Of course, the word “itinerary” doesn’t sit too well alongside the word “romantic”, as there is nothing less romantic than sticking rigidly to a plan – except maybe having no plan at all. You can soon find yourselves wandering aimlessly through prostitute filled streets, failing to find somewhere to eat that you can both agree on. This could lead to squabbles, stropping, stomping off and unless you are really good at making up – a ruined holiday. This article is to give you some inspiration on how to prepare for your trip to ‘gay Paris’ (pronounced Paree – with a …

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