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Celebrities We Have Lost in 2016

Although our main focus for this blog is usually shopping and discounts, when we look back at the year, one of the main things that has left its mark is the sheer number of iconic celebrities that we seem to have lost. At the very start of the year, the world was rocked by the sad news that David Bowie had died, and from that point forward, it seemed relentless. Every few weeks, another of our favourite icons passed away, leaving us wondering who was going to be next in the awful, tragic list. In July, we lost Prince, and …

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The Rise of Personalised and Hand Crafted Gifts

Personalised products have been a big hit this Christmas according to a recent survey, with more and more hand crafted products on the market place. The rise and rise of websites such as has perpetuated this movement, and it continues to grow and expand. Etsy allows you to set up your own shop for free, selling your own hand crafted goods, with really small listing fees (presumably to prevent a load of stale content being featured on the site), and minimal commission. Not only this, but you can join teams, the leaders of which are able to join a …

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