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Sophisticated Lady Chic

A lady reaches a certain age and suddenly realises her high street options have become limited. If I dare to walk into Top Shop these days, I suddenly feel like I ought to be sporting a blue rinse and tabard*. I am beyond understanding some of the tatty, tiny little bits of material that I presume somebody must actually wear and I’m aware that I am beginning to sound like my Mum in saying so.

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Running a Marathon with Runners Need

One of my new year’s resolutions this year was to run a marathon and I really feel ready to go through with this. A few years ago (actually ten years ago, but I don’t like to show my age) I ran the Great North Run for two consecutive years and I can’t tell you the feeling of elation it gave me. Of course I was quite young then, so actually the training regime consisted of a few little jogs, one or two 10k runs and then straight into running a half marathon, so it wasn’t very taxing.

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