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Saving on Valentine's Gifts

Saving Tips for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly the day of love, but it is quite often tough on the budget. Many people have even decided not to celebrate it, because it has become such a commercialised affair. But that should not stop you from declaring your love to the special people in your heart! In fact, there are many options that require little to no investment, but go a long way towards expressing your love. Actually, some of them are even better than the usual gifts.

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Health and Beauty

Why Do We Spend Money on Beauty Creams that Do Not Work?

The beauty industry seem to have us right where they want us. They know our weakness. They publish pictures of stunning, airbrushed women with flawless skin next to their little bottle of miracles that claims to transform your skin – and your life, providing you part with a week’s worth of wages in exchange. So we do. Yes please, give me some snail slime. I won’t be able to afford to eat for the month, but I will have extraordinary skin. Who needs food when you have great skin?

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Woman giving gift to boyfriend

Do Only Partners and Love Interests Deserve a Valentines Gift?

Though the Christmas and New Year celebrations are already behind us, when it comes to holidays, we are never in short supply. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and preparations are already under way for this magical Day of Love. But here is something interesting to think about – do only your girlfriends, boyfriends, fiancees, wives or husbands deserve a present? It is a Day of Love after all – are there not a lot of people you love in this world?

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Google Glass

Google Glass – How Successful will it Really Be?

This is the year that Google release one of their latest gadgets, the ‘Google Glass’. There has been a buzz around the internet about the launch of this product, but opinions are mixed. Wearable technology is likely to hit the market in a big way this year, with smart watches and smart ski goggles being amongst the inventions that are set to be the most popular, but with Google Glass arriving on the scene potentially as early as April 2014, are people really ready for what this piece of tech really means for our day to day lives?

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Mastering the Scene Modes on Your New Digital Camera

Many of us have got brand spanking new cameras for Christmas, and now the initial excitement is over, here comes the challenge. How on earth do we work it? One of the basic things to master before you go any further are the auto-exposure settings on your camera. These are the settings that allows you to take really good pictures according to the conditions without really having an in depth understanding what is going on inside the camera, and they include landscape mode, night mode, portrait mode and more. To get you started, here are some descriptions about the standard …

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