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The Perfect Man

Hello – Who Is This Handsome Chap?

Allow me to introduce Mr Right – according to our most recent survey. The survey asked 1054 women aged between 18 and 56 a number of questions about their favourite male features, and the results are shown in this computer generated image. This, my good friends, is the perfect man. You can find the full results of the survey on our press page, detailing the questions asked and the responses we received for each question from which we built our perfect chap. And now we have come this far, we are desperate to find the real life man that looks …

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Woman jumping into sea

Booking Your Jollies? Not Without This Essential Travel Discount Guide, You’re Not!

The days are getting longer, nights are getting lighter. The first few daffodils are peeping through and although we’ve not yet been subjected to snow blizzards this winter, things are starting to feel altogether much more spring-like. Whether we’re about to be plunged into icy cold temperatures, or the winter is thankfully drawing to a close, it feels like time to start contemplating what we are going to do for our jollies this year. For this reason, I have been squirreling away the best deals over the last week, and now (having booked my own holiday) I would like to …

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House of Fraser Flash Sale
GiftsHome and Garden

House of Fraser – Home Flash Event

If you are able to multitask, then tonight is the night to get some extra value out of your TV time. House of Fraser have launched a flash sale event in their home section and there are some delicious bargains to be had, including plenty of Mother’s Day gift ideas. Here are just a few to whet your appetite.   With Love Espresso Cup & Saucer Beige Sale price £4.20 – just £3.36 with an extra 20% discount applied Was £6.00 There is also a full matching range of tea cups, tea pots, cake plates, bowls, sugar pots and milk jugs. …

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Amazon Acquisitions

What Exactly Do Amazon Own?

We already knew that Amazon were big, but quite how big was probably beyond our comprehension. To simplify things, this handy infographic shows just how many pies Amazon has it’s fingers in, and gives us some impression of how big they truly are. During the last 15 years, Amazon have been gobbling up companies, right, left and centre, and their extensive portfolio now includes companies like fashion retailer,, which they paid a cool $950m for. Other recognisable brands that actually belong to Amazon include IMDb, Talk Market, Home Grocer, Foodista,,, Woot! and With in excess of …

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Woman buying groceries
Food and drink

8 Top Tips for Saving on Groceries

Amongst all the things we buy on a daily or weekly basis, groceries are the absolute must. If you go back a little and check your receipts, however, you will probably find that you have been spending a lot on filling your fridge and kitchen cupboards – certainly more than you’ve had to. Also, there is the problem of throwing out food that has gone past the expiration date, because you never got around to it. With proper planning and management, your grocery bills could go significantly down. Here are the top 8 tips.

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Woman buying clothes in sale

5 Top Tips for Saving on Clothes

Clothes shopping is essential in our lives, not to mention that it is therapeutic for a lot of us. But, it is also quite the budget-eater with so many trends coming and going and so much to choose from on the market. How can we avoid wasting all of our money on filling our wardrobe? After all, we never have anything to wear anyway, do we?

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Honey in Face Masks
Going GreenHealth and Beauty

Homemade Face Masks – A Few Simple Recipes

On top of the money and time we spend on our beauty regimen every single day, there are also those designated weekends when we go full out on the beautifying procedures with masks, treatments and so on. Those weekends, however, have a couple of significant downsides – spending even more money on beauty products and treating your face to a chemical concoction that could cause allergic reactions, irritation, etc. Why not save yourself the cons and go only for the pros by simply making the masks yourself!?

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Health and Beauty

How Can You Save on Beauty Products?

Some of us do admit it, while others are very reluctant – the fact that beauty products consume large portions of our budget on a monthly basis. We buy shower gels and shampoos, creams and lotions, masks and treatments, foundations, lipsticks, mascaras and so much more in an effort to look better and feel better about out appearance. But the good quality beauty products can be quite costly while the cheaper ones can actually do more harm than good. So how do we lower out beauty budgets without resorting to lesser quality cosmetics?

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