Many people I know are beauty pageant queen wannabes at heart, including myself. That is, we want to look beautiful, be fashionable, but also want to save the world at the same time.

I vigilantly put out my recycling every fortnight and donate to charities, but am still addicted to fast fashion. Buy cheap, wear once, throw away.

Actually, the throw away part is not true in my case. Instead I just tend to hoard, squeezing ever more clothes into an ever shrinking wardrobe space. The point remains that I need to improve my shopping habits, buy better quality items, less frequently and wear them more often.

Not only this, but I have been looking into buying clothing and accessories that fit in with my ethical values and have come across this gem: They stock a range of eco-friendly, sustainable and fair-trade clothing, shoes and accessories. They stand out from the crowd for me because they ensure clothing not only adheres to these high ethical standards, but is also stylish and appealing to dedicated followers of fashion.

There are too many great designer brands to mention, each of which have their own individuality and ethical values. ReLuxe, for example, use recycled fabrics to create their unique garments, keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum and effectively closing the ‘clothing loop’. Other brands concentrate on fair trade, organic, sustainable principles and amongst my favourite are the vegan friendly shoes and bags. I am not vegan, but I do limit my meat intake to an infrequent portion of fish. I have always thought I ought to buy less leather products to further support my principles, but have not found a quality stockist of products that I like.

That is until now! I fell in love with most of the styles and with the Fashion Consience 20% off voucher code offered on these shoes. Being offered the opportunity to have bang on trend shoes, save money and act in accordance with my principles at the same time is a win, win, win situation as far as I’m concerned.

Be sure to also check out the great eco-gifts on site and don’t miss the up to 50% off, fantastic sale!