A lady reaches a certain age and suddenly realises her high street options have become limited. If I dare to walk into Top Shop these days, I suddenly feel like I ought to be sporting a blue rinse and tabard*. I am beyond understanding some of the tatty, tiny little bits of material that I presume somebody must actually wear and I’m aware that I am beginning to sound like my Mum in saying so.

To my relief, walking straight out of Top Shop and into Marks and Spencer, I at least find that I am not that old yet and turn to head to the only shop from which I can always enjoy a high street bargain, Oasis.

That was until I received an email from Miss Selfridge this week, promoting some of its latest items. I always lumped it in the Top Shop and River Island category and assumed I would have the same age gap problem, so haven’t really gone anywhere near it for some time. Now clicking on the links in the email, I have discovered what I have been missing.

There are some stunning pieces on offer at the moment, such as the Coral Drop Neck Pussybow Shirt for just £35, the Navy 2 In 1 Shift Dress, which I love and is a mere £45.00, the Puff Sleeve Detail Blazer at just £30, Green Collar Skater Dress for just £42 and finally the perfect accessory, the Quilter Bowler Shopper Bag at £39.

The latest shift in trends has certainly swayed more towards sophisticated lady chic and away from teen angst chic, which is great as it means I can shop with the kids again and pretend to be one of them.


*For those of you too young to be familiar with tabards as of yet, my dictionary offers the following definition: A sleeveless jerkin consisting only of front and back pieces with a hole for the head. Surely they need to make a come back?