One of my new year’s resolutions this year was to run a marathon and I really feel ready to go through with this. A few years ago (actually ten years ago, but I don’t like to show my age) I ran the Great North Run for two consecutive years and I can’t tell you the feeling of elation it gave me. Of course I was quite young then, so actually the training regime consisted of a few little jogs, one or two 10k runs and then straight into running a half marathon, so it wasn’t very taxing. In fact, the night before one of them I recall being hung over and eating pizza, hardly the health boost that you would imagine would be necessary. Still, on both occasions, I ran the whole way and achieved an acceptable time of 2 hours 33 exactly – both times bizarrely! Sure, my toe nail turned black and fell off shortly after running the first one, but it didn’t put me off and I have missed the sense of achievement and feeling of elation that it gave me both times. Not many things come close to the emotion of the day, running alongside thousands of people, all with their own amazing stories of courage, tragedy and triumph. When running the final mile, with the Red Arrows performing daring acrobatics in the sky and supporters cheering you on, your legs and chest hurt so badly, but the pounding of feet all around you keeps you going and sweeps you along towards the finish line.

Ever since, I have had in the back of my mind that one day I would like to push myself even further and run a marathon. Of course I appreciate that I won’t get away with a few jogs around the block for my training, not only because of the insane distance I will be running, but also because I am not as young as I once was and I am starting to feel it. I have started to take the first step and have bought a cross trainer so that I can begin a daily workout and get me used to breathing. Next stop, proper running shoes! I did buy good shoes for the half marathons, but although the trainers fit me like a glove in the shop, running for a long distance in them is a different matter. I need some good advice as I don’t want to end up losing all my toe nails or it will be the end of peep toe sandals for me, god forbid!

So I have just had an email from Runners Need who specialise in running attire and offer expert advice. This retailer really is passionate about what they sell and they want to make sure that people like me equip themselves properly for their once in a life time challenges. They are in process of updating the advice section on the website to provide full information on marathon running, so this is certainly a store that I will be keeping tabs on. The sale ends on the 22nd January, so not much time to get your orders in, but I am hoping that if I get my gear now it will be an extra incentive to stick to my resolutions.

Will I go through with it? Watch this space!