Clothes shopping is essential in our lives, not to mention that it is therapeutic for a lot of us. But, it is also quite the budget-eater with so many trends coming and going and so much to choose from on the market. How can we avoid wasting all of our money on filling our wardrobe? After all, we never have anything to wear anyway, do we?

Be Careful with the Bargains

Of course, the easiest tip we could give would be to shop the online sales, because that’s where you can find the biggest savings. There is a catch to them though, so you have to be careful if you don’t want to go over budget. The thing is, when everything comes with giant discounts, you want to grab it all. You feel like everything around you is calling you and instead of buying one discounted top for £5, you get 5 of them. But you are saving for the future, right? Wrong! Those extra 4 tops will probably sit unworn in your wardrobe until the end of time and you know it. Yes, shopping the online sales is the best way to save on clothing, but limit yourself to the items you need and the quantities you need of them.

Credit Cards Are Your Enemy

With the above-mentioned temptations all around you, a credit card is the worst choice for online shopping. Unless you are able to show honorable restraint, you will reach your credit card limit before you know it. But there is an easy solution – many companies offer debit cards specifically for the purposes of online shopping. Just load the card with £50 and that is all you will be able to spend. And when you know you have a limited budget, you are going to resist buying those 5 discounted tops, because you probably need other items of clothing too.

Shop in Advance

The devoted fashionistas might see shopping in advance as a bad idea, because it will not let them keep up with the trends. But when you think about it, the fashion shows happen a whole season in advance and that is when the trends become clear. That is the time to shop! Orange is the new black? Go hunt for orange clothes! Maxi skirts are the next big thing? Grab yourself some quickly! Clothes that are out of season sell extremely cheaper than when in season, so when you get ready for spring in fall or winter, you will be able to enjoy great savings.

It’s All About Versatility

In order to prevent the need for buying excessive amounts of clothes, you have to make sure that you wardrobe is filled with lots and lots of combinations. That floral skirt will look amazing with your pink top? That’s great! What else will it look great with, though? When buying a new item, always imagine your wardrobe and think of the possible outfits you can include this item in. If it’s just one, don’t buy it.


To take the versatility point even further, accessories are a great way to save money on clothing. Buying a couple of colourful pieces of jewellery will be much cheaper than a few outfits and will offer you much more options. Think scarves, belts, even handbags. For example, wear your little black dress with a red belt and you get a great office look; pair the same dress with a big gold or silver-plated necklace and you are ready for a dinner party. And you don’t have to buy a second dress!

Saving on clothes is really not that difficult and you don’t have to associate it with always looking the same way or being out of style. As long as you employ a combination of restrain and imagination, you can be the most stylish girl around while still having a sizable sum in your bank account.