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Saving on Valentine's Gifts

Saving Tips for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly the day of love, but it is quite often tough on the budget. Many people have even decided not to celebrate it, because it has become such a commercialised affair. But that should not stop you from declaring your love to the special people in your heart! In fact, there are many options that require little to no investment, but go a long way towards expressing your love. Actually, some of them are even better than the usual gifts.

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Woman giving gift to boyfriend

Do Only Partners and Love Interests Deserve a Valentines Gift?

Though the Christmas and New Year celebrations are already behind us, when it comes to holidays, we are never in short supply. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and preparations are already under way for this magical Day of Love. But here is something interesting to think about – do only your girlfriends, boyfriends, fiancees, wives or husbands deserve a present? It is a Day of Love after all – are there not a lot of people you love in this world?

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Beautiful Bathroom
ChristmasHome and Garden

Your Home Deserves a Christmas Present Too

As Christmas is getting closer and closer and you are buying more and more things to give to your family and friends, have you stopped to think whether you are maybe forgetting someone or something? There is something that gives you more safety than everything else, something you go back to every day, something you always rely on for comfort – your home. And it definitely deserves a great Christmas present! Of course, winter is not the best time for major renovations, but there are still some little things you can do. Things that won’t cost you too much, but will …

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ChristmasHealth and Beauty

How to Choose a Fragrance for Her

With Christmas already knocking on our doors, gift-shopping is becoming more and more important. As we try to figure out what to get for our friends and family, the thought of fragrances often comes up – it is a classic choice as a perfume is both practical, personal, beautiful and whatever other attributes you want to give it. But how does one choose a fragrance for someone else? How do you buy a perfume your special lady will love? Here are some guidelines:

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Christmas Traditions Around the World

When it comes to Christmas, every single family has its own traditions – some watch a special movie every year, others rearrange their schedules so they can decorate the tree together, while some just pack their bags and go on vacation. But while those individual traditions are different for each family, most of the things we do on Christmas are governed by the country we live in and the customs it has. And isn’t it always interesting to find out what other people do differently?

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It Is Time For a Halloween Movie Marathon

Just a little over a week is left until Halloween and if you haven’t submerged yourself into the spirit of it yet, it is about time that you do. Not mentioning the fact that you have almost no time left to figure out your costume, it is just mandatory that you get yourself prepared. If not for yourself then for your children, or at least those weird neighbours that try to scare you out of your mind every single year. What better way to get prepared than watch a scary movie marathon?

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