As Christmas is getting closer and closer and you are buying more and more things to give to your family and friends, have you stopped to think whether you are maybe forgetting someone or something? There is something that gives you more safety than everything else, something you go back to every day, something you always rely on for comfort – your home. And it definitely deserves a great Christmas present!

Of course, winter is not the best time for major renovations, but there are still some little things you can do. Things that won’t cost you too much, but will still give you that sense of doing something for your home when it has done so much for you. Why not spruce up your bathroom, for example? Here are some ideas:

The Mirror

Changing the whole vanity unit or sink (depending on which of the two you have) is more of a bigger project that requires some planning, especially considering the plumbing work that will be involved. But, instead of those, you can change your mirror. Just take the old one off the wall and replace it – voila! Go for something with LED lighting if you want a more modern look, or get one with an intricately designed frame to give your bathroom a vintage appeal.

The Light Fixtures

Again, this isn’t about replacing the whole thing and having to fill in old holes and drill in new ones to fit the new item. Generally speaking, lamps come in a wide range, but are often similar in their basic design – many have differently designed bodies, but look just the same on the inside. So just replace the body – choose something fresh and bright or go for the more subtle look. It’s a great way to make the old lamps look new without actually replacing them completely.

The Toilet Seat

A classic bathroom will come with a toilet in white. Some modern bathrooms are fitted with a toilet in black or silver. But did you know that there are so many quirky designs to choose from out there? Clear seats, seats that look like they have fish or playing cards embedded into them, glittering seats and so much more! Replacing the old one with a new one is pretty easy so you can have a brand new toilet in minutes!

The Toilet Seat Cover

Though some find the use of a toilet seat cover limited, it is certainly a great way to decorate. In fact, it is amongst the easiest of them all. Just choose a nice cover – fluffy, bright, or something else – plop it on the toilet and you are done. That’s it. Done. The end.

The Shower Curtain

If the shower is enclosed with a curtain, it gives you a very quick and affordable way to revamp the space. As the curtain is quite big, the new design you choose will be clearly visible and thus instantly change the whole look of the room. Shower curtains are very cheap and come in a large variety of designs.


If you find that your bathroom tiles are quite dull, there is a very easy way to liven them up – with stickers! Choose bright flowers, cartoon animals, or anything else that you find fun. Then just stick them to random tiles all over the bathroom and you instantly get a new look!

The Towels

Though not necessarily a bathroom accessory, towels are a necessity. So why not get some new and exciting designs to hang on the towel rack instead of the plain white ones. Go for neon blue or fuchsia, animal prints or printed art – the possibilities are endless.

And there you go – just a few simple things to do that take almost no time or money at all, but will make your bathroom look newer and better. Maybe next Christmas you can do something for the hallway.