Though the Christmas and New Year celebrations are already behind us, when it comes to holidays, we are never in short supply. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and preparations are already under way for this magical Day of Love. But here is something interesting to think about – do only your girlfriends, boyfriends, fiancees, wives or husbands deserve a present? It is a Day of Love after all – are there not a lot of people you love in this world?

The origins of the holiday and the activities of its patron, St. Valentine, are still heavily debated today, but they are all very interesting. According to one theory, St. Valentine was a priest in Ancient Rome around the time when Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage, because he believed it made his soldiers soft. St. Valentine found this law extremely unjust and carried on marrying young lovers in secret. According to another theory, St. Valentine was imprisoned in a Roman prison, but fell in love with his guard’s daughter. To declare his love, he wrote her what is essentially the first Valentine card – a love letter signed “From your Valentine”. With regards to the specific date, 14 February, one theory is that it marks the birth or death of St. Valentine. The other theory is that the date is the Catholic Church’s attempt to Christianize the Lupercalia – the pagan celebration of fertility, which takes place on 15 February.

For a holiday that already presents so many options regarding its own origin, why should we focus our efforts on a single person? Who else deserves a gift, besides the one we are in love with? Whether you are single, but still want to feel the joy of the holiday, or you are in a relationship and you want to spread the joy you are already feeling, here are some ideas for other gift-recipients.

Your Children

A parent’s love for their child is one of the most undeniable truths in the universe. And what better day to not only express your love, but also stress on it, than Valentine’s Day? Something as simple as a personalised piece of clothing with a loving inscription can be the perfect choice for both babies and older children alike.

Your Parents – The Grans

Grandparents are generally very sentimental and the thing they appreciate the most is pictures of their rapidly growing grandchildren. So why not surprise them for the Day of Love with a beautifully framed photo of the whole family, or a tastefully arranged photo book with lots of memories they can go through whenever they feel like it?

Best Friend

Do you not love your best friend? Are they not as much of a confidant to you (or even a more important one) as your significant other? Of course they are! So don’t hesitate to tell them you love them, show it! A personalised book with you and them as the main characters would make the perfect thoughtful gift.


Why not tell all of your friends that you love them at the same time? Instead of a quiet night with just one person, gather up everyone for a party with lots of wine and snacks. Still, in order to keep within the theme of the day, why not go for something delicious and quirky such as heart-shaped cheese?

Business Clients

As weird as it may seem at first glance, let’s face it – some of us are married to our jobs. So why not express your gratitude and hopes of continued fruitful collaborations to your most valued business clients? Don’t go overboard – a personalised card with a nice sentiment would be a great choice.


Last but not least, don’t forget to express your love to you. After all, you must first and foremost love yourself so that others can love you too. Buy yourself something nice – a new piece of clothing, a new fragrance, maybe even a gadget – the choices are endless.

Just remember that Valentine’s Day is the Day of Love, not the Day of Those Who Are In Love. So don’t be afraid to express your feelings to everyone you feel close to your heart and keep in mind that being single does not mean you can’t celebrate.