Love Stories Perfume

With Christmas already knocking on our doors, gift-shopping is becoming more and more important. As we try to figure out what to get for our friends and family, the thought of fragrances often comes up – it is a classic choice as a perfume is both practical, personal, beautiful and whatever other attributes you want to give it. But how does one choose a fragrance for someone else? How do you buy a perfume your special lady will love? Here are some guidelines:

How Old is She?

Though not the most defining factor, age certainly plays a role in the types of fragrances women enjoy. A devoted teen fan of Taylor Swift, for example, is likely to care more about the fragrances designed by her, rather than what they actually smell like. The slightly older fashionista, on the other hand, is probably more attracted to what is trendy at the moment than what her own preferences are. The mature lady will desire something classy and elegant, something sophisticated that reflects her tastes perfectly.

How Does She Spend Her Days?

A woman will always consider her surroundings when choosing what perfume to wear. If she works in an office all day, for example, she will want something subtle, not overpowering, something delicate and gentle. But if she is very active and partakes in various outdoor and/or sports activities, she is more likely to prefer something fresh and vibrant like a citrus or ocean fragrance. A woman that spends a lot of her time at home, tending to the household, will appreciate something bold and expressive, something bound to get noticed on the few occasions when she uses it.

Consider Her Personality

Is she outgoing or more introverted? Is she artistic? Is she loving and gentle? The sociable party girl, for example, will adore bright explosive scents of the fruity kind. The eclectic gallery-goer will appreciate exotic scents with a spicy note, preferably oriental. The sweet and delicate woman will want a fragrance like herself – something floral or food-related such as vanilla.

Pay Attention!

Turn on your special sniffing powers and try to identify the scents she surrounds herself with – the soap she uses, the candles she has around the house, the fabric softener she washes her clothes with and so on. All those little things should give you a general idea of the aromas she is attracted to – sweet or floral, strong or subtle, exotic or gentle, etc. When you have identified that general direction, it will be much easier to choose a specific fragrance.

When Do You Want Her to Wear It?

Last but not least, think about whether you want to give her a perfume she can wear every day, or something glamorous and expensive that she can wear at formal gatherings. The price factor falls here too – a glamorous fragrance will almost always be very expensive, unless you find some nice deals on the web.

So there you have it – with these tips in mind, you should be able to choose the perfect fragrance for your favourite woman.