Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly the day of love, but it is quite often tough on the budget. Many people have even decided not to celebrate it, because it has become such a commercialised affair. But that should not stop you from declaring your love to the special people in your heart! In fact, there are many options that require little to no investment, but go a long way towards expressing your love. Actually, some of them are even better than the usual gifts.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is one of the most romantic acts known to mankind. All it will require from you is to get up a bit earlier than your other half – you don’t even have to cook. You can slip out to the bakery down the street, or, if you do know how to cook, quickly get something together in the kitchen. Then prepare a beautiful arrangement with coffee or tea, a glass of fresh juice, a flower and the food you have chosen – you’ve seen it in movies, you know how to do it. Bringing it to your loved one in bed and wishing them “Happy Valentine’s Day!” with that arrangement in your hands will be a memory they will keep forever.

Homemade Dinner

This one requires a bit more skill, but also ranks in the top spots of romantic gestures. Prepare your loved one’s favourite meal and accompany it with candles and your best tableware set. To make the romantic dinner the best it could be, just imagine it was your first date and you had to impress the other party a lot. Adding that to the fact that you already know them very well, it makes a great combination and another precious memory to store for the years to come.

Homemade Card

This option is best for the artsy and craftsy out there. Though homemade cards cannot look quite as perfect and gorgeous as store-bought ones, it is in fact their slight sloppiness that makes them a great choice. Even if your card doesn’t turn out exactly the way you want it to, it will show that you had the passion and desire to invest your time in such a project. It will also show that just as all other humans, you can make mistakes – a quality all lovers appreciate in their other halves. This is a type of present that requires absolutely no investments at all, unless you want to get a bit fancy and get some special paper, embellishments, or something else (which are so cheap anyway).

Put it in Writing

Write your loved one a poem! Poems are a century-old way of declaring love and though some say those days are gone, you can be sure that a poem goes a long way into people’s hearts. It doesn’t have to be too deep or profound so don’t be afraid to try your hand at it. It could even be something as silly as this:

There was a day when I was blue,
but then you came and I met you.
We had a laugh and lots of fun
and now I’m proud to call you ‘Hun’!

If you have a strong aversion to rhymes, you could write a love letter – another thing from the past that ranks very high in romance terms. Again, depth is not required. A great idea is to describe a special moment you shared with your loved one from your perspective – how you met, your first date, the wedding, etc. Getting your point of view on something they certainly remember well will be amazing for them.

Discounts Galore

If all else fails and you don’t have either the time or the skills for any of the above, you can always count on finding amazing bargains around Valentine’s Day. Your best bet would be a store that specialises in personalised gifts so that you can still put your personal mark on the gift you choose. Just make sure you stay away from ‘mainstream’ gifts and opt for something that will carry a personal meaning.

The bottom line is that if you invest a portion of your time, the gift will be much more appreciated than another pair of boxers or another fragrance gift set. Whether you are strapped in the kitchen for a couple of hours, or online in search of jewellery engravers, the gesture will be what counts, not the gift itself.


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