Gentlemen take note, as we have uncovered the top ten places to take a lady on your first date. In our recent study, we asked a group of 603 women to give 50 potential first date activities a score out of 20.

The top ten are listed below in reverse order. This information may well prove very useful in the season of romance that is upon us…

Go to a Comedy Club – 16/20

There are many advantages to going to a comedy club on your first date. They give you something to do, so you will never have any awkward silences, they give you something to talk about and give you a great opportunity to share your sense of humour with her.

There are drawbacks though. Particularly in smaller clubs, chatting during the turn may draw the attention of the comedian and you could be singled out for humiliation. Some comedians can be quite harsh and it could end up all being quite awkward.

Visit the Zoo – 16/20

This unusual activity made it into the top ten, curiously. It’s difficult to see the romantic side of being at the zoo, but perhaps the idea of walking round together, looking at all the weird and wonderful animals appeals to their sense of fun – and if you have fun on your first date, she is going to be all the more likely to want more.

Go Star Gazing – 16/20

Gazing up at the stars can be so romantic and women love it, with our group giving it a hot 16 out of 20. Learn a few things about constellations and impress her with your knowledge.

You would do well to remember that the next meteor shower occurs around mid-April, called the Lyrids. There can sometimes be bursts of up to 100 meteors an hour, which would be a very special event to watch with your new lady, and is likely to score you lots of romance points.

See a Magic Show – 16/20

If you manage to get tickets to see a Dynamo-esque magician, you are laughing, and your first date is likely to be a roaring success. It will give your lady a night to remember, and she will forever associate you with one of her most awesome nights. Just be careful she doesn’t fall for the magician over you.

Go for a Coffee – 16/20

Gents, this may seem dull, but our ladies like to play it safe on the first date and have put this firmly in their top ten. Going for a coffee gives you both the opportunity to check each other out properly with no gimmicks or cover ups, and allows you both to walk away if you don’t hit it off.

Go to the Seaside – 17/20

Going to the seaside might sound a little tacky, but there is always fun to be had in our seaside towns. There is so much to do, plenty of nice bars and restaurants, amusements and chance to gaze romantically out to sea, all being well. It’s little wonder this activity is so high on the list.

Go See Live Music at a Small Venue – 17/20

Whilst going to a rock concert scored quite low on our list, going to see a smaller band at a cosy venue is right up there. The benefits are that you can talk all the way through if you are getting along without anyone batting an eyelid. If the conversation runs dry at any point, you can always watch the band, which can also be helpful. The atmosphere will be buzzing which should help your night along, and hopefully the band will be to her liking and she’ll have you to thank for it.

Dine in a Fancy Restaurant – 18/20

Lets cut to the chase here, when a woman wants to be romanced, she wants to be wined and dined at a fancy restaurant. Not a stuffy one where you have to put on airs and graces, but an expensive one, with top notch food, a buzzing atmosphere and attentive staff. Make your date feel spoilt for the evening and she will come running back for more.

Go for a Drink in a Piano Bar – 19/20

This could be quite a relaxed first date, without the pressure of having to dine in front of each other, and yet elegant and sophisticated enough for her to feel special. At joint top on the list, it’s definitely worth considering.

Watch the Sunset or Sunrise together – 19/20

The ladies love a good sunset or sunrise. If you get lucky on your date, you could be doing both!

So there you have it, the top ten hottest activities for a first date with the ladies. No need to thank us, simply let us know when we get to buy a hat.

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