One of the rising stars of social networking is Twitter. Trying to get your point across in 140 characters is a challenge though, and fashionistas trying to carve out their own identity have to share their fashion news and tips through short captions and photos. Nevertheless, there are those who have mastered style ‘tweeting’ and if you want to be ahead of the curve, take a look at the following:

@hannahejo – Follow Hannah Johnson for tips on make up application and all things vintage. She currently has a small online following who are devoted to her makeup tutorial videos and photos of her retro shopping hauls. Her is well known for updating mod styling on various shows, such as Mad Men.

@fuggirls – The Fug Girls are known for their website – Go Fug Yourself. Their Twitter updates give tips on how to identify trends and cultivate good taste. Their New York Fashion Week reviews make them an authority on the latest runway and red carpet fashion show style.

@Cat_Marnell – Cat Marnell is one to follow if you prefer the dark side to fashion. Her tweets are an eduction about some disturbing subjects, casting a different, but valuable perspective on the world of fashion.

@Celia_Ammerman – Celia Ammerman first demonstrated her passion for all things fashion on her America’s Next Top Model TV show appearance in 2009. She was snapped up by ELLEgirl magazine to provide shopping features and her feed is a behind the scenes look at what it is like to be part of a fashion publication.

@RachelZoe – Rachel Zoe is one to follow if you want your own personal tips from a stylist who has taken clients from fashion disaster to trend starter. An early advocator of the bohemian look that has played a big part in the transformation of many of her clients such as Nicole Richie.

@voguemagazine – Who could forget the influence of Vogue magazine in the world of fashion and their Twitter page is not to be missed either. Keep ahead of the game with their previews of features and photo shoots that will be published in future issues.

@EmWatson – Emma Watson has proved herself to be a trend setter and fashionista to be watched. Her couture fashion combined with casual street style influences and is imitated by millions of women.

@jennasauers – Jenna Sauers writes about her former experience as a runway model. She provides fashion news updates in her Twitter feed as well as other information about the fashion industry.

@ZooeyDeschanel – Zooey Deschanel is the person behind the latest trend for vintage, feminine dresses. She uses her Twitter feed to inform girls of the best brands to experiment with if they are interested in following this trend.

@taylorswift13 – Taylor Swift is famed not just for her music, but also her individual style. She posts candid photos on Twitter that enable fans to copy her clothing and hairstyles.

These style icons overcome the limitation of space on Twitter and are able to project real takes on the fashion world to a wide audience. Continuous exposure to these fashionistas can educate women by example about taste in clothing and style.

Will is interested in skateboarding and electronic music. He is a writer for Ark, the online and high-street clothing retailer, who sell music-influenced clothing, popular branded apparel such as mens and womens Superdry clothing, Fred Perry and many others.