With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and a special episode to celebrate this Saturday, we decided to make a quiz to find out if you can tell a real animal from a monster featured in the classic sci-fi series.

Everyone remembers the Daleks, Cybermen and K9, but will you be able to pick out some of the lesser known villains that have graced our screens over the last half a century.

Dr. Who Quiz

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The new Doctor, Peter Capaldi takes over this Christmas and as huge fans of his work on ‘The Thick of It’, we are really looking forward to seeing him in the role and hopefully he will be able to tone down his language for long enough to suit a family audience.

Whether you are young or old, The Doctor is a national institution, but our 10 question quiz will definitely separate the true Timelord fans from casual viewers.

The Day of the Doctor airs on Saturday the 23rd of November at 19:50 and Matt Smith will be replaced by the new Doctor on Christmas day.

Take the quiz here to find out how much of Doctor Who expert you are.