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A bodycon dress is the perfect outfit for bringing glamour to your evening dinner or daytime party this season. It is also a great item to invest in longer term as this is a dress style that will be seen for many years to come, adding a timeless classic to your wardrobe. Wearing the right bodycon dress for you, to suit your curvy figure, will bring out your femininity,  attracting positive comments and catching eyes amongst the crowd.

What is a bodycon dress?

Bodycon dresses are tight fitting dresses made from stretchy material, and are designed to perfectly fit, or you could say hug, the figure. You can get a range of styles of bodycon dresses from bebe, and other fashionable clothing stores. The stretchy fabric used in high quality bodycon dresses make them comfortable whilst smoothening out unwanted lumps. The wearer definitely won’t need to be concerned about being trapped or breathless in a tight fitting outfit as the perfect body shaped design and stitching technique used aim to make the wearer extremely comfortable in the dress.

The design of the dress is of great interest as it is cleverly built to uplift and add perkier look to the required body features i.e. your bum and your bust. The final result is a slimmer looking, curvy and sexy you adorned in wonderfully and delicately designed party wear.

Are bodycon meant for the slim figured only?

Bodycon essentially means ‘body conscious’ and many hold the common myth that such dresses are meant for only those with an hour-glass figure. This is not true, at least in today’s era! Today’s designers are developing dresses, especially party outfits, to suit the majority of women and not a handful of perfectly shaped. The numerous available styles have much to offer for those with boyish straight figures or even pear shaped figures, all of whom could flaunt a model look by aptly selecting a perfect bodycon to suit their shape.

Selecting a perfect party bodycon dress!

Selecting a bodycon for your upcoming evening get together or dinner party is something that needs careful consideration. The right dress is anything that adds zing to your partying soul, but the wrong dress can be a real disaster. Whilst the numerous options available in the market keep the majority happy, it also means that selecting the exact right one for you becomes a more difficult task.

Be it the colour, design, fit or even length of the dress; keep in mind your figure and select a complementing dress. A well selected bodycon dress for an evening party adds life to the occasion and makes you the centre of attention. Every women loves to be paid compliments, and a sensuous bodycon can help you fullfill this heartfelt desire of yours. Here are some simple tips to make selection easier for you:

● For women with an hour glass figure, any length and fit of dress would be apt, simply select the colour and style based on your preferences and the occsion. While glittery prints and loud colours best suit disco parties, evening functions and wedding receptions, a lighter colour with slight work and not-too gaudy appearance would best suit a daytime occasion like a lunch party or morning wedding.

● Again, mood of the occasion helps selection. Shorter and cuter dresses are not meant for formal corporate get togethers or family weddings, but are great for evening parties and dinner dates. Floor length and ankle length dresses with a bodycon style are better for formal occasions.

● For those with straight figure, broad shoulders and deep neck lines are a perfect way of enhancing the curvy look to your figure.

● Desire and liking for a particular colour should not affect your selection. Light colours make you look fuller and plumper while dark colours help create a slimmer appearance; select a colour to suit your figure.

● If you have pear shaped figure or heavy bust select knee length or bandage design pieces respectively.

● Compliment your dress with appropriate shoes and accessories like a neck piece and hand clutch or bag. Long boots go well with shorter dresses and ankle length silhouettes gel with longer dresses.

● Drooping beaded neck pieces and trendy bracelets can be selected to aptly go with design and colour of the dress. Similarly, a good designer clutch looks smart with it.

● The final piece of advice is for those who still feel they won’t be able to carry off a figure hugging dress like the bodycon. You can pair your short bodycon with slim fit denims or a jacket to be more comfortable in the dress.

Trendy dresses sported by manequins in shop windows are often objects of desire that many of us find untouchable. With easy tips like the above though, you can also treat yourself to such a dress. Bodycon dresses are a perfect way to enhance your feminine beauty that complement your figure and make a perfect addition to your collection of evening dresses!