We have been keenly following the news about the release of the Xbox One and PS4, and getting more and more excited as their release becomes imminent – just in time for Christmas.

Imagine our horror when we received an email detailing ASDA Direct’s latest offers and discovered that they intended to launch the XBox One at a price £3429. We have been saving up for our console in the past few months, but this price put it firmly out of our reach.

Looking around, we discovered that Amazon lists the Xbox One for £429, Tesco are selling it at £429 and Currys are also selling it at £429!

The eagerly awaited console is due to be released on the 22nd November 2013, and we are certainly expecting a rush on – but surely not at ASDA’s extortionate price?

So, you can imagine our amusement when we subsequently received this email from ASDA Direct:

ASDA-boob Xbox One