Christmas comes but once a year, and frankly, I speak for plenty of us out there when I say thank heavens it does. Imagine if we had to suffer more than one Christmas a year? We would constantly be running around, frantically trying to find the best deals on perfect gifts; planning huge meals for extended families; requiring two trolleys in the supermarket when we go shopping; partying way too much; feeling full and bloated from all the food and drink; and being bombarded with adverts and offers from retailers desperate to get our attention.

But that’s not what Christmas is all about, is it now? I would like you for a moment to cast your mind back to when you were a small child. Do you remember staring up at the night sky from your bedroom on Christmas eve, scrutinising the sky for reindeer as the flecks of snow rush towards you and settle in a white blanket on the ground? Can you remember springing out of bed on Christmas day, scurrying downstairs only to find the living room that was empty when you left it, now filled with huge boxes and brightly coloured wrapping paper. Do you recall skating up and down the frosty drive with your new roller boots, wearing your brand new coat and gloves with your new favourite doll clasped in your arms? And remember telling the family in no uncertain terms that you heard sleigh bells during the night?

That is what Christmas is all about isn’t it? That magical experience that you have when you are a child – and this year, rather than being a complete Christmas misery guts, we should put our scrooge to rest and get on with enjoying Christmas.

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