This time last year, many of us were in the process of forming a set of new year resolutions that were going to turn our lives around and help us to accomplish something spectacular with our lives.

Sadly, around this time eleven months ago, the vast majority of those ambitious ‘ressies’ had already been broken.

In actual fact, many resolutions last little more than a couple of hours on new year’s day, with only a few making it past the first week – never mind past the first month.

Amongst the top resolutions to be broken are giving up smoking, losing weight, eating healthily, changing our career and travelling more. According to our most recent survey, these and stressing less, reading more, learning a new skill, cutting down on drinking and saving money all form the top ten new year resolutions that are passed, and failed.

Take a look at this infographic that shows the top broken resolutions in detail.

Broken New Year Resolutions