Choo choo! The World Cup 2014 hype train is making all the stops and getting us all super excited to watch the games! We admit, we have been watching the action way more than we should, but we love it! We thought we knew everything there was to know, but apparently we were very wrong. Did you know these things?

Brazil Hype

The 2014 World Cup is the 20th FIFA World Cup, being held in Brazil for the second time since 1950. It is also the second time the World Cup is held in South America since 1978 when it was in Argentina. Brazil has won the World Cup 5 times so far – in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002.

Then there is the not-so-hype fact – referees are able to stop a game if the weather gets too hot. It would be dangerous for the players to exert themselves psychically in high temperatures so it makes sense. But if it happens, it would ruin the players’ and the fans’ day.

New Technology

The Goal-Line Technology is finally making an appearance and honestly, it was about time! How many times have goals been hard to tell over the years? How many poor referees have felt the anger of the fans when they have had to make the tough calls? No more of that! Now 14 cameras, a powerful computer and a special wrist device help the referee make the right decision. When a goal is scored, the wrist device vibrates – it’s as simple as that.

Another great piece of modern tech used in this year’s World Cup is … wait for it … drones and robots! Yes, really! Unmanned drones and state-of-the-art robots are helping the security personnel in monitoring the crowds and keeping things civil and well-mannered (as civil and well-mannered super excited people can be of course). How great is that?!

And there is more – vanishing spray! When referees need to mark something on the field to make it easier for the players, but they don’t want to ruin the field completely, they use a special kind of spray paint that disappears in just a minute.

Bathe in Gold

The World Cup 2014 Brazil is the most expensive World Cup of all time! With improving the infrastructure, building new stadiums in 12 cities across the country and investing extra in tightened security due to local protests, Brazil will spend a total of about 16 billion dollars on the event!

The winners of the tournament will go back home with 35 million dollars more in their pockets, while the runners up will take home 25 million. All the other clubs will get payment too, though not as substantial. On top of that, the original merchandise that will be offered to fans after the event will certainly make a good turnover.

Special Requests

We always hear about weird requests made by celebrities when they travel – Beyonce wants rose scented candles in her dressing room whose temeperature must always be 78 degrees, Adele wants 6 teaspoons in her room (for whatever reason), Kanye West wants lip balm, Taylor Swift wants heaps of Red Bull, and so on. But football players have interesting demands too!

Uruguay are adamant about their air conditioning being very silent, France insist on liquid soap – (no bar soaps!), Portugal want computer consoles in every room (do they think they are on vacation?), Japan want Jacuzzis in every room (are they on vacation too?), and Ecuador apparently cannot live without Ecuadorian bananas. Go figure…

How far does your World Cup 2014 knowledge extend? For that matter, how closely do you watch the games? Why don’t you test yourself with our Daily World Cup 2014 Quiz? We made it and we still fail sometimes…