Father’s Day is here! Well, almost. Have you found a gift for your Dad yet? If not, you better hurry! We are here to help with some ideas.

A Bit of Fun Mixed with Elegance

Finding the perfect gift is often a difficult task, especially when you want it to fit two very different categories such as fun and elegance. Usually, if you choose something fun, it would also be quite quirky and far from elegant; if you choose something elegant, it could be perceived as a bit dull. But the golden middle exists! An engraved glass tumbler is not only very sophisticated and beautiful to look at, but is also a way for you to say, “You have my blessing to enjoy a nice drink after work, Dad!” Now when your Dad comes back home after a long day at the office, he will pour himself a nice drink and smile when he reads the inscription.

A Real Classic

We all know what the most classic gift for a man is – a watch. Watches are everywhere this time of year and come in all manners of designs. Yes, watches are great gifts as they are elegant and useful, but they are such a common choice by now that giving a watch to your Dad will almost feel as if you haven’t put any thought behind it. If you still think your Dad needs a watch, but you don’t want it to be an ordinary gift, go for the real classic – a pocket watch. It’s beautiful, it’s elegant, it’s personal. You can have it engraved with your own message to make it an even more amazing gift. Then your Dad will be able to look at it to tell the time, then turn it around and see how much you love him.

The Gift of Time

Your Dad wants to spend some quality time with you more than he does anything else. Don’t waste hours trying to find the perfect gift – spend those hours with him. Take him to a sports game, go out for a walk, treat him to a nice gourmet meal, or just hang out in front of the TV together – just spend some time with him, have a nice long chat, tell him about your worries and listen to his, share funny stories about when you were a child. Remembering these conversations will bring a smile to his face for a long, long time.

The Most Important Part

Whether you are his little princess or his champ, you are the most important thing in your Dad’s universe. And it doesn’t even matter how old you are, or if you already have a family of your own – you will always be his little baby, the person he loves more than anything. Does he really want a new watch, or an aftershave, or glassware? Yes, he will appreciate your gift immensely and will enjoy the thought behind it, but what he wants more than anything is for you to give him a hug and tell him how much you love him.