Facebook is ideal for keeping up to date with news from your friends and finding out what events you should be attending, but irritations are increasingly creeping in over the way people use the popular social networking site. We wanted to find out what types of facebook users were the most annoying, and conducted a survey to find out the main offenders.

In the two part study, newsletter subscribers were asked about the facebook user types that annoyed them the most, and 1063 participants were then asked to rank the top ten in order. The results of the study are shown in the infographic above, and the full results can be found on our press page.

Amongst the top ten annoyers are Candy Crush pests – gamers who persistently try to drag you in to their sad virtual lives by sending requests for you to play along every five minutes; the baby bores – who do nothing but post minute by minute updates on the activities of their offspring, including what the contents of their nappies look like and other such stories that shouldn’t be shared – ever; and the boasting travellers, who like to just love to share details of how perfect a time they are having. Above all though, the constant facebook status updaters are the user types that people seem to hate the most.

What does this mean for facebook? Will users start to delete friends who irritate them, or will they just filter them out from their newsfeed and forget about them? In drastic cases, facebook users may even start to access their account less frequently, if at all, in order to avoid getting wound up by annoying posts from other so-called friends.

We’d love to hear your annoying facebook user tales. Do you know someone who fits into these categories perfectly and drives you mad with their drivel? Feel free to contact us with your stories and we will publish the best ones.