This is the year that Google release one of their latest gadgets, the ‘Google Glass’. There has been a buzz around the internet about the launch of this product, but opinions are mixed.

Wearable technology is likely to hit the market in a big way this year, with smart watches and smart ski goggles being amongst the inventions that are set to be the most popular, but with Google Glass arriving on the scene potentially as early as April 2014, are people really ready for what this piece of tech really means for our day to day lives?

Furthermore, the price is estimated to be around USD $600 or around £365, which is a little high if you don’t feel like there is any need for the gadget. So, are people going to rush to buy the glasses, or are they going to be gathering dust in warehouses around the world.

Of course, there are always gadget lovers who would argue that there was no real need for the tablet when that was launched, and yet people bought into it, and the same may be applied to Google Glass. Whether or not this will be the case remains to be seen. Perhaps it will start slowly, but as more and more people add them to their technology collection, their popularity will snowball, until eventually they become the norm.

Prior to their launch, we wanted to find out what our newsletter subscribers thought of Google Glass and surveyed 1132 of them to find out. The results were very interesting, and we intend to run a follow up survey down the line to find out how people’s opinions change over time.

Check out this infographic to discover the results.

Google Glass