Social network LinkedIn which is popular amongst the business community have just been ordered to pay $6 Million in back wages and Damages to employees, but this is small change when compared to the amount of income that the company generates.

LinkedIn has seen staggering growth in recent years but how did it all begin? This interesting infographic by Corporate Valley shows the route that since 1993 has led to 225 million users and a sign up rate of 2 people per second. Founder Reid Hoffman dreamt of starting a software company while he was at Oxford University in the 1990s and after taking jobs at Apple and Fujitsu he started SocialNet, a dating site before leaving to pursue his ambitions with LinkedIn.

If you aren’t aware of LinkedIn, it is basically a social network for the business world (imagine Facebook for people who want to network and find new job opportunities and connections). The company have recently come up against some problems and they have had to agree to provide compliance training and distribute its policy on overtime work to all applicable staff. The US Department of Labour said “We are particularly pleased that LinkedIn also has committed to take positive and practical steps towards securing future compliance.”

Check out the infographic above to find out everything that you need to know about Linked in and how it got started on the route to success.