Mother’s Day is almost at our doorsteps, and if we have to rank all the holidays we celebrate throughout the year, this one will certainly make it very close to the top of the list. After all, if it wasn’t for our mums, we wouldn’t exist. If it wasn’t for our mums, we would not be the people we are. Our mums, with their patience, wisdom and perseverance, are the ones we owe everything to. Your mum is there for you when you fail, she cheers for you when you succeed, she forgives everything and gives her all so you can be okay. How can you ever repay that?!

First piece of advice – don’t go generic! Yes, a fragrance gift pack makes a great gift and so does an elegant silk scarf, but they are too impersonal, too mainstream, more fit for an acquaintance than your mum. You need to select a gift that will carry a world of meaning and become a precious keepsake; something that will show her that you understand and love her every step of the way. Here are a few ideas:

Thank You Butterfly Necklace

Yes, jewellery is generic, but this necklace is so special that no one would call it an ordinary present. It features a delicate silver chain adorned with a beautiful butterfly charm, its wings spread wide, ready to fly. It is a great way to thank your mum for being there for you all throughout your life. For the advice, the wisdom, the principles she thought you, the examples she gave you. Thank your mum for nurturing you until you could grow and spread your own wings. Thank her for giving you the freedom to select your own path and for her allowing you a few failed attempts before you could actually fly away.

Pamper Day

While you were growing up it was always your mum doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cutting herself while making dinner, not getting enough sleep because you were ill, taking the quickest showers because she couldn’t leave your side for long and so much more. Now it is time for her to be pampered profusely and the Spa day package we have selected is a perfect way to do that. It includes a 55-minute treatment of your choice – a massage, a facial, a manicure and more. It also allows full use of the Spa facilities at a choice of 33 locations across the country. To top it all off, you can personalise the voucher and message card, telling your mum how much she deserves this and how much you love her.

Stylish Clutch Bag

Did you know that when you were little, your mum had to carry the whole world in her handbag? Extra diapers, tissues, baby powder, clothes – everything had to be handy at all times. A 10-minute walk required 2 hours of preparation (and that was only if you were cooperative). But those days are over and now it’s time to get all prettied up. Your mum can now afford the luxury of carrying a small ladylike clutch to a nice dinner you have invited her to. She can finally feel like a true lady again. And make no mistake, she will appreciate it greatly.

Personalised Photo Journal

This one is for those who have a tad more free time and creativity. You can select photos of you and your mum and arrange them chronologically, starting with the one of your mum carrying a little baby to your newest ones at graduation, your wedding, or whatever else you can find. You can include small notes under each photo to make it an even better walk down memory lane – “Remember how late we were that time?”, “It was such a fun day!”, etc. The time and thought you invest in the making of this photo journal will be very much appreciated by your mum and trust us, she will go over it a thousand times.

Success Scrapbook

For those with even more time available and a craftsy edge to their personality, this would make the best Mother’s Day gift for their mums. Make a scrapbook that features all of your accomplishments from when you were little to the present day – the kindergarten play you starred in, school report cards, school newspaper articles, local newspaper clippings, your college diploma, etc. – anything that mentions you and is considered a success. Then, under each of the items you have selected, include a line with a fun memory or your mum’s contribution to that success, i.e. “Remember how you made me study for that math test? Thank you!”, or “If it wasn’t for you, I would have never made it into Cambridge!”, etc. This gift is a great way to show your mum how grateful you are to her for everything she has done for you.

The Best Gift

But the best gift of all… The best gift is time. Your mum might have wished for a little break from you when you were at that age when everything had to be voiced as a question, but now that you are all grown up, every second with you is precious. She devoted so much of her life to you, only so you could leave the nest when the time came. Try to repay some of that time, try to do for her what she has been doing for you for years. She misses talking to you, holding you, laughing with you, even fighting with you when you were a teenager. She misses you. Whether all you can do is have a cup of coffee with her, or you can devote an entire day to spending time with her, it will be the best gift of all time.