If you are feeling a little tired and sluggish, lacking in energy and your skin looks dull and grey, you may find that you are lacking in nutrients. This article will tell you how to make a perfect spring salad that will not only be tasty, but will also give you all the nutrients that you need to give yourself boost.

Combine some grated carrot and spinach, great providers of beta carotene which can boost the immune system and promote the protection, maintenance and repair of some cells and tissue. Add to this some spinach, watercress and avocado, which have excellent moisturising and anti-aging properties for tired skin. Pop in some sweet corn, lambs lettuce, cucumber, spring onion and plum tomatoes and dress with some extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Serve with smoked salmon or tuna, for your brain power boosting omega-3 as well as amino acids and protein, and a boiled egg for selenium, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against harmful free radicals. Top with seeds, including some pumpkin seeds which are a great provider of zinc and can help to boost the collagen and elastin in your skin. Complement your perfect salad with a glass of pressed mango and apple juice and within half an hour, you will start to feel the benefits.

Organic produce can be bought from every supermarket these days, so just make sure that next time you do a shop, you get well stocked up. If you plan your meals ahead and order online, besides the obvious benefit of being able to use a voucher code to get money off your shop, you will also be able to stick to your plan and only get the right types of food that you require for a healthy diet. Look online for nutrition books that can help you choose.