The new trend of reviewing products online is booming. One thing that we truly all appreciate is product reviews for our cosmetics. Cosmetics are difficult to buy at the best of times, there are just so many to choose from, it is difficult to know where to start. So many of us have bought products and then tried them at home only to find they irritate our skin, exaggerate our worst features instead of bringing out the best or simply just don’t suit us. One way around this is obviously to try the product before you buy, but this is not always possible. Another way, is to study the reviews left by other people. Of course, you should remember that everybody has different requirements. Each person’s skin and hair are completely different to the next person, but there are general rules that you can follow. If you look at the reviews objectively, you can usually begin to form a picture about whether this type of product would be suitable for you. Look at the age of the reviewer and look at the comments they make about their particular skin type or hair type. If it is completely different to yours, then unless you can find a good review from someone with your skin type, the general rule is that you should avoid a product that they have given a good review. Look for positive reviews from people who describe a similar skin type to yours and try and get different reviews that comment on different aspects of your skin. Find reviews that appear reliable, like many of those that are listed on, but take everything with a pinch of salt. There are certainly reviewers that sabotage products by giving them a horrendous review, when the truth is that the product was just not for their skin or hair type. The best advice is to look for quantity. If you find negative reviews for a product, you are more likely to take note. Once you have decided on a product, you may wish to select a shop that issue free samples so that you can try it. Big Green Smile are a good one to go for and also offer some fabulous deals.

Finally, don’t forget to leave a review yourself after you have bought a product. This will then help other people in a similar situation and we can all work together to make sure that the cosmetic industry only produce the best of the best.