If we ever needed a reason to love Orlando Bloom even more than we do already, his latest spat with Bieber has left us all supporting #teambloom.

Poor Bloom seems to be at the center of a row with pop’s most annoying star, Justin Bieber. Many rumours have sparked that the little cretin dating Bloom’s ex-wife while they were still together. See: http://www.buzzfeed.com/elliewoodward/orlando-bloom-tried-to-punch-justin-bieber-after-a-scuffle-i

We can’t believe that she would look at the Beebs when she has someone like Orlando Bloom in the bag, but I suppose there is no accounting for taste.

Whatever the reason, we’re sure that Justin deserved the swing he got from Orlando, and in recognition of this outstanding contribution to the arts, we have started an online petition to have Orlando Bloom knighted.

Not only does Mr. Bloom have an amazing film career, including appearances in Pirates of the Caribbean and The Hobbit, he also has an honorary degree, he is easy on the eye for the ladies, and some men, and now has the attempted Bieber punch to add to his list of achievements.

Please sign the petition post your comments if you would like to show your support for this worthy cause, and let’s see if we can get the attention of the Queen so that he can receive this well deserved accolade.

Click here to sign the petition!


Disclaimer: Please note that we in no way endorse, encourage or support violence as a solution to any problem. This petition is intended to simply poke light hearted fun and we understand that no one was injured in this conflict.