We all know Vorders can do the maths, so it caused us no shortage of giggles to discover an epic mathematical fail in the subscription price sums for her mathematics course for children – The Maths Factor.

Apparently, if you subscribe for a year you can save £20 on your subscription, and get it for just £99 reduced from the usual price of £120.

Er… Wait a minute, shouldn’t that be a £21 saving then?

Well perhaps it’s actually a saving on the monthly subscription, which would total £119.88 over the course of the year, and there was some rounding down involved.

Hang on though, don’t you round up if the number is over 50? So that would still be a £21 saving then.

Either way, we can’t make the sums add up. Perhaps we’re doing something wrong and need to take the course to find out.

Spot the mathematical error

Spot the mathematical error

We’re not knocking it. Any support and help that can be given to the kids of today to help them with their maths skills is certainly most welcome, and the site claims to not just improve their confidence, but also to help shift their maths age by up to 25 months. Maths can be difficult to follow and boring at times, so a fun way of presenting it to kids is a great idea.

However, you have to get your sums right if you’re advertising a maths course, don’t you?