I was recently doing a routine check of one of our advertiser’s sites and I suddenly discovered that more than an hour had passed and I was still playing with their website.

The culprit was My M&M’s, and the reason that my fleeting check had turned into an in depth analysis was that I was compelled to discover what my M&M’s colour was – for reasons I cannot explain.

There are 21 to choose between. Now, I don’t make decisions easily at the best of times, but with 21 different choices, this wasn’t going to be an easy task.

I tried to imagine my bag of M&M’s turning up at the door and taking them in, putting them in a bowl. What was the colour in that bowl? Were they baby blue?

After experimenting with the M&M’s creator several (hundred) times, I discovered that I was unhappy with just one colour and required a colour combination to be my M&M’s colour.

Someone must have mysteriously been aware of my odd and obsessive behaviour however, as within a few weeks of this episode, we were contacted by a My M&Ms representative and asked if we wanted an exclusive voucher code!

Of course, we agreed – so here it is…

Exclusive Voucher Code from My M&M’s