When my Gran died, our family advised well wishers that any donations should be made to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service, following her instructions.

This was unusual as My Gran didn’t believe in charity donations. She was sceptical of organised charities as she believed that they spent too much on administration and not enough on the work that they were set up to carry out.

Having conducted our own survey here at Love My Vouchers, we discovered that my Gran is not alone in her thoughts and this often put people off giving to organised charities.

Of course, whilst there have been and potentially still are some charities that overspend on their administrative functions, many impose restrictions that ensure that this does not happen. Each of the major charities have fully accessible accounts that demonstrate this.

Within their admin budgets is a certain allowable expense for marketing and promotion activities. This enables charities to reach wider audiences in order to recruit new donors, advertise their shops, and promote their services. This is an integral part of their continued success, enabling them to conduct their life saving activities.

Love My Vouchers are just one of the many affiliates that promote these charities, helping to drive traffic to their websites resulting in additional donations and sales being achieved. We work with an affiliate network who arrange for commissions to be taken for each of the sales we help to generate.

We have now taken the decision to remove any affiliate links that track the traffic we send to any charity websites. This means that we will not take any commission for any sales generated. Although we are a comparatively small promotional website, we are hoping that this step will be followed by all of the many voucher code, deal and offer websites that promote charities. If this achieved, this could help save a significant amount of money that can be put to better use.

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