Do you spend more time watching TV or using facebook? With seven out of ten people in the United Kingdom now using facebook, it appears that many of us are now using social media at the same time as watching our favourite programmes.

Whether on a mobile, tablet or laptop, TV viewers are increasingly keen to share their opinions about the TV that they are watching and this is especially true when it comes to the most popular shows such as X Factor, The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent.

This interesting infographic by Expansys who surveyed three thousand UK residents shows that on average people are spending an extra thirty minutes more on facebook each day than they do watching TV and this is something that has definitely not escaped the attention of advertisers.

One of the more staggering results that came to light through this research is that only one in four people now watch television programmes on a traditional TV set, with other devices seemingly now preferred by many. We were also surprised to see that almost half of the people asked stated that they have facebook open all of the time. It is obvious that when it comes to using the Internet on mobile devices, facebook is clearly the website which is most visited by people, with Google coming a long way behind in second place.

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