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And by chance to win, we mean that you could be randomly selected to receive a £100 Amazon gift voucher, just in time for Cyber weekend, which is the weekend where you will find the most and the best online deals of the year. If you shop online for your Christmas presents, then this is absolutely the weekend you should be doing your shopping. We should know – we are an online deals and voucher code website afterall, and somewhat an authority on the subject.

Bearing this in mind, the prize is not the only fantastic thing that you would be signing up for. You will also recieve a regular, but completely non-intrusive email, listing some of the best deals that we have identified that week. This means that you will be the first to know about the biggest and best deals for all of your favourite stores. We recommend a quick flick down the list of voucher codes and deals that we reveal in the newsletter, which will take you a few seconds each week. You can decide whether or not you find any of the deals from that week relevant and use them if they are; delete that week’s email if not.

Simple right? And by simple, we mean smart, wise, frugal, and lots of other things that mean you are a really good person.

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