We recently conducted a survey of 1000 of our newsletter subscribers to find out about how they planned to spend their money during the Christmas period in 2012. The infographic below summarises just a few of the results that we found the most interesting.  Some of the findings that we came across are fairly surprising although others are quite predictable since we are still fighting our way out of the rescission at the moment. The survey asked people to compare what they plan to spend in 2012 to what they spent five years ago and also to try to break down the type of items that they planto spend money on during the festive season.  As you can see, electronic items are unsurprisingly the most popular  ‘must have’ products at the moment, with mobile phones, tablet PCs games consoles HD TVs and other gadgets all competing to take your hard earned money from you. The average total spend on gifts is down from five years ago although the fall in the predicted average spend on food and drink has not fallen quite as much. It seems that even though these are tough times, people still like to enjoy themselves when it comes down to it.

Click on the image to enlarge it and see the results in more detail.

Christmas 2012 Infographic

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