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Voucher Alerts as You Shop Online
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Voucher Code Alerts As You Shop Online

At Love My Vouchers, we are always looking for new ways to help save you money, and our latest offering is a tool that once you try, we think you won’t be able to live without it again. Our handy browser extension recognises when you visit a certain store and checks the Love My Vouchers Voucher Code database to see if there is a voucher code for that shop. If there is a valid and live code available for that store, a discreet voucher code alert will appear in the top right hand corner of your screen. Never again will …

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Review

We were luck enough to be given a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 to test and review last week and after numerous days playing around with it, I have to say that I am fairly impressed. Having long been an avid user of the iPad, I am fairly faithful to the Apple brand, but I was surprised how easy the Samsung alternative was to become acquainted with. The tablet has a very slim design, which depending on which way you look at it could be a good or a bad thing, but I prefer to travel light so I definitely see this …

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