Sometimes, you look in the closet and see nothing worth wearing. We have all suffered from boredom with our own clothes. A frugalista must remember that those clothes are completely wearable; you just might need a small something to jazz up the wardrobe. Here are five inexpensive, easy ways to jazz up an your wardrobe.

Skinny Belt

A cute belt can be worn with just about any outfit. You can belt a baggy t-shirt, cinch in a sundress, or put pizazz through your belt loops. Buy a belt that makes a statement, like a neon colored belt or one with a funky pattern. That belt will make the difference between a boring jeans and t-shirt outfit and an outfit worthy of a night out on the town.


Scarves are an extremely stylish accessory right now, so they can be found in huge, flowing shapes and patterns. If you buy a scarf that accentuates your style, you can wear it with almost any outfit. Even if your top isn’t scarf-worthy, the accessory can be knotted around your purse strap or used as a head-wrap for an entire new look.

A Fun, Basic Top

When you are shopping wisely, you tend to get the safe clothes that can be worn with a large variety of items. Whilst this is smart, it can fill your wardrobe with a lot of pieces that look similar or are monochromatic. If you cannot bare to buy an item that won’t match anything else, opt for a fun version of a basic. For instance, a white top that is beaded can be worn with jeans or a beautiful skirt; it’s basic and versatile, but very unique.

One Trendy Piece

Following trends keeps you stylish, but it can also leave you with clothes you don’t want to wear after a season. Even so, it’s fun to be trendy! When you are trying to minimize spending, you should pick and choose. Buy one great piece of clothing from the season’s new trends, but choose one that can be mixed and matched with the rest of your wardrobe. It’s an instant way to make your wardrobe “new” and trendy, without ensuring it goes out of style in a few months.


Liz Childers enjoys utilizing scarves to play up outfits and styles. She blogs for Apex Creative about topics like building a birdhouse.