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Discover Europe from as Little as £26 Per Night

If you are hoping for an exciting holiday this summer, and don’t want to break the bank, then read on. Homestay offers you the opportunity to discover great towns, cities and villages around the world, for an affordable price. What’s more, you get to experience the place like a local, meet fantastic new people who can introduce you to the local culture, and feel like you are at home, away from home! Homestay holiday homes and apartments are available in countries around the world, but we have decided to focus on the best 5 star Homestays in Europe. Enjoy! Dublin – £40 …

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A Bargain Weekend in Budapest

Budapest is a beautiful city, with the great Danube river cutting between the two sides of the city – Buda and Pest. Both sides are packed full of beautiful and ornate structures that twinkle at night with stunning illuminations. What’s more, a trip to Budapest can be a perfect budget getaway, as food, drink and much of the entertainment is very low-cost in comparison to the UK.

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Get Ready for Your Summer Holiday

Summer is peeking around the corner and more often than not, it’s all about the holiday. Whether you have decided to go visit some exotic foreign country, or you will be sunbathing at the nearest seaside town, there are a few essential things that need to be prepared for a fun and enjoyable experience. Choose Your Destination Choosing the destination for your vacation will depend on a lot of things, mainly your personal preferences and budget. If you can afford to go abroad and you love adventures, don’t be afraid to go somewhere you have never been before. If you …

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Booking Your Jollies? Not Without This Essential Travel Discount Guide, You’re Not!

The days are getting longer, nights are getting lighter. The first few daffodils are peeping through and although we’ve not yet been subjected to snow blizzards this winter, things are starting to feel altogether much more spring-like. Whether we’re about to be plunged into icy cold temperatures, or the winter is thankfully drawing to a close, it feels like time to start contemplating what we are going to do for our jollies this year. For this reason, I have been squirreling away the best deals over the last week, and now (having booked my own holiday) I would like to …

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