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Prague on a Budget

A Budget Break in Prague

Prague used to be considered a budget holiday destination, but recently however, prices have been soaring in the tourist areas, making it similar in price to Berlin. However, if you know a little more about the city and you do you research, there is no reason why Prague can’t still be a top budget destination. Food and Drink The food and drink are still very cheap, providing you steer clear of the tourist traps. The Czech Republic is known for its beer production, and great quality beer is cheap, and in fact is cheaper than water and fizzy sodas in many …

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Chain Bridge

A Bargain Weekend in Budapest

Budapest is a beautiful city, with the great Danube river cutting between the two sides of the city – Buda and Pest. Both sides are packed full of beautiful and ornate structures that twinkle at night with stunning illuminations. What’s more, a trip to Budapest can be a perfect budget getaway, as food, drink and much of the entertainment is very low-cost in comparison to the UK.

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