Fruit Portion Sizes

Portion Size used in Daily Nutrient Monitoring Tool

Below is a table showing the portion sizes for all the fruits available in the Daily Nutrient Monitoring Tool.

Fruit Portion Size Weight
Apples 1 medium with skin 182g
Apricots 2 apricots 70g
Avocados ½ Typical Avocado 90g
Bananas 1 medium 118g
Blueberries 30 berries 40.8g
Cantaloupe 1 wedge – 1/8 medium melo 69g
Cranberries ½ cup 50g
Figs 2 medium 100g
Grapefruit raw, white, California ½ 118g
Grapes 10 60g
Kiwifruit green raw 1 69g
Lemon 1 yield 48g
Oranges 1 fruit 141g
Papaya 1 small 157g
Pears 1 medium 178g
Pineapple ½ cup chunks 82.5g
Plums 2 fruit 132g
Prunes dehydrated (low-moisture), uncooked ½ cup 66g
Raisins ½ cup 72.5g
Raspberries 20 38g
Strawberries 5 medium 60g
Watermelon 1.0"wedge (approx 1/16 of melon 186g