Inspired by Donkey Cutts, which was recently created by NetVoucherCodes, we decided to have a go at making our own game in order to help out frustrated webmasters and SEOs everywhere. As Matt Cutts himself said recently in an interview, "You never want to play whack a mole with a spammer", and this got us thinking that there must be many people out there who would like to play whack a mole with him.

What with the constant influx of updates from Google these days and a constantly shifting set of rules to play by, running and promoting your website is becoming more and more difficult. However, this light-hearted flash game should help to reduce your stress levels, if only for a minute or two.

Update (06/03/2014): Matt just revealed here on Twitter that he played the game himself and scored 2760 - can you beat him?

Please note, this game is not currently available on mobiles.


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