Pumpkin Popsicles

Pumpkin Popsicles

These fantastic pumpkin popsicles are a great treat for your children, bursting with vitamin A and other nutrients.

Pumpkins tend to just be associated with Halloween decorations, and it is easy to forget their great nutritional value and delicious taste. This recipe can easily be prepared with your children, showing them another use for pumpkins, and giving them a tasty sweet treat at the end of it.

Pumpkins are a good source of plant based vitamin A nutrients, which is important for growth of new cells, eye health, immune system support and can also help protect against food allergy reactions.

If you have a good blender, like the Nutribullet, or something similar, then you can also include your pumpkin seeds in the mixture, and they have incredible health benefits. They are a rich source of manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and zinc; and also provide a decent amount of protein and iron.

While pumpkins are savoury, the addition of passion fruit, mango and apple will sweeten up the popsicle, making it a favourite among children.

The passion fruit also provides a good dose of vitamin C, which will also help support a healthy immune system, and are a reasonable source of iron and magnesium. Dietary fiber is also plentiful in passion fruit, particularly if you include the seeds. This is good for digestion.

Mango is an excellent source of vitamin C, and also provides vitamin B-6; and apples are also fantastic for controlling blood sugar spikes.

These popsicles are so easy to make, can be enjoyed any time of the year and are full of goodness. The perfect sweet treat.

  1. If using the seeds from the pumpkin, soak them overnight to soften them and then they will be ready to blend the following day.
  2. Chop all your fruit, then throw everything into the blender and blend.
  3. Pour the mixture into popsicle maker moulds.
  4. Put into the freezer and serve frozen.
  5. Jobs a good 'un!


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