Blueberry Pie Smoocktail

Blueberry Pie Smoocktail

Even the healthiest amongst us are allowed a cocktail now and again to get the party started. With this fantastic Smoocktail, you will be balancing out the harmful effects of the alcohol with the goodness of the blueberries, apple and coconut water.

Blueberries have been labelled as a superfood, and the reason they have acquired this accolade is due to the high levels of a variety of different phytonutrients contained within them; including Anthocyanins, Hydroxycinnamic acids, Hydroxybenzoic acids and Flavonols. These provdide fantastic antioxidant and anti-inflamatory benefits for the whole body; and have been said to help reduce the signs of cognitive ageing, including memory function. Antioxidants counter the effects of free radicals which cause the damage to cell structures that results in ageing.

Apples are also a great phytonutrient provider, and they have been shown to help level out spikes in blood sugar levels through various mechanisms.

Coconut water provides a variety of different nutrients, including magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, and it is also known to replace electrolites which are lost when you drink significant amounts and can be the perfect rehydration remedy.

Throw in a dash of almond liqueur and a dash of hazlenut liqueur, and you have the perfect smoothie-cocktail - or Smoocktail as we like to call it.

  1. Blend apple and blueberries.
  2. Add ice to the blender and blend roughly.
  3. Add the blended mix, coconut water and liqueurs to a cocktail shaker and shake it through.
  4. Pour into a cocktail glass.
  5. Enjoy!


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