15 of the Top Food Sources of Iron

Sardines for Iron

15 of the Top Food Sources of Iron

If you have been using the Daily Nutrient Monitoring Tool and have noticed that you are struggling to get a sufficient amount of iron in your diet, then the following infographic may help.

It shows you some of the top, iron rich rood sources that you can consume on a regular basis to ensure you are giving your iron stores a boost.

We only need small amounts of iron in our diet, but the protein within red blood cells called heamoglobin is composed of iron and it is therefore necessary to obtain enough of the mineral to ensure this functions correctly. When your iron stores are normal, the red blood cells will transport oxygen to the other cells in your body, ensuring they stay healthy. When your iron stores are low, you may feel tired and weary, be unable to cope with exercise, look pale and feel weak. This can lead to iron-deficiency amaemia, a condition which can subsequently lead to other complications.

However, by simply understanding how much iron your body needs and where to get it from, you can help prevent this and ensure you feel your best.

Check out the following infographic for more information, or take a look at our spotlight on iron deficiency article, which will provide you with more detailed information about this mineral.

Top 15 Iron Rich Food Sources Infograhic


For more in depth information, take a look at our Iron Deficiency article.